Jewish Vocational Services

A strong values alignment lies at the heart of DFCF’s support of Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) in Boston. “It’s a social justice connection,” says Jerry Rubin, President and CEO of JVS-Boston, in describing the decade-long relationship, with its roots in Jewish values—from the dignity of every person to the right to work.

“We believe everyone has talent and capacity,” says Jerry. “Our goal is to remove barriers and help individuals access what they need to get ahead.”

Founded in 1938 to assist Jewish immigrants struggling to enter the American workforce, today JVS serves new Americans from over 80 countries—helping them to secure financial independence through education and employment services.

“We believe everyone has talent and capacity. Our goal is to remove barriers and help individuals access what they need to get ahead.”

Jerry Rubin

Over time, DFCF has supported JVS-Boston’s efforts to influence policy, respond to client needs, and ensure that low-income college students are able to take advantage of federally subsidized matched savings accounts.

With a major gift from DFCF and other funders, JVS launched its Center for Economic Opportunity in the heart of Boston’s financial district. The Center convenes regular forums where presenters discuss topics related to economic opportunity in Greater Boston and the field of workforce development. Says Jerry, “The forums have been transformative in how we work and our ability to impact employer and public policies.”

More recently, with support from DFCF, JVS established a new Technology Access Program that provides loaned laptops, Wi-Fi hotspot connections, and tech support to clients. The program gives those who lack access to technology the ability to participate fully in remote classrooms and career services.

Beyond financial support, family members have contributed to enhancements in JVS’ client services and helped to advance its research agenda.

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