Our Mission

Led by a deep dedication to Jewish values, the Davis Family Charitable Foundation is committed to unlocking the potential of young people, expanding family access to resources and services, investing in the wellbeing of our local and global community, and conserving and restoring natural habitats for future generations.

Our Story

We are proud to call the Boston area our home. As a family, we feel deeply privileged to be able to support the communities of which we are a part.

Since 2006, the Davis Family Charitable Foundation (DFCF) has invested millions of dollars in these communities and social sector organizations that expand access to education, build skills, nurture talent, and address critical needs for housing, equitable health care, and other support services. At the heart of our grantmaking is a deep concern for issues of equity and opening pathways to opportunity, especially for underserved children and youth whose talents and potential too often go unrealized. For future generations, we are committed to protecting the environment through climate change mitigation, and conservation and restoration of natural habitats.

At the heart of our grantmaking is a deep concern for issues of equity in our city and opening pathways to opportunity…

We believe that philanthropy can achieve deeper impact when it leverages the gifts of money, time, and expertise. In addition to direct philanthropic investments, we work collaboratively with grant recipients to troubleshoot challenges, strengthen long-term sustainability, and promote meaningful impact.

Increasingly, our work with social sector leaders, recipients of services, and funders focuses on root causes and where investments in prevention, early intervention, and policy advocacy can make a lasting difference. 

We also recognize the need to remain agile and responsive in a rapidly changing world. When confronted with humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters, we have stepped up our grantmaking to meet increased demands for food, shelter, health care, psychological counseling, technology access, and other services. 

Our philanthropy is deeply informed by the Jewish values of loving one’s neighbors as oneself, engaging in acts of compassion, justice and righteousness, and commitment to repair of the world around us. Our gratitude extends to each of our grant partners for the opportunity to work together in pursuit of a more equitable and sustainable future for all. 

The Davis Family
Jon, Margot, Stephen, and Molly

Our Values


We believe in the power of relationships. We work in partnership with community-based partners to leverage knowledge, resources, and expertise.

High Impact

We value the role that strong management, research, and evaluation play in strengthening and scaling impact.


We work with established and newly-emerging organizations to identify and support effective strategies that meet the needs of vulnerable populations, with a focus on prevention and early intervention.


In the face of growing inequality in our society, we seek to address systemic barriers and open pathways to opportunity.


We honor and celebrate our shared humanity. We begin by listening to those closest to the problem to best understand root causes and pursue community-based solutions.